Not your average ham sandwich*


To make a special sandwich one must have special ingredients.


For those of you who have tried our products I am sure you will agree that they are special products for special people…


The other day I made the perfect fall ham sandwich with our Sweet Apple Blush. To make this you will need:


– A delicious baguette – or sourdough bread your choice


– brie at room temp. (if you don’t like brie, camembert would be a great substitute or goat cheese, even – room temp. العاب قمار حقيقي cream cheese)


– deli ham


– and Tortured Orchards Sweet Apple Blush


a frying pan

Slice the baguette length wise and hollow out the dough on one side making the baguette look like a canoe.


Turn your burner onto a low light and wait until it gets hot, place your ham in the pan and just heat it until it turns color a bit, turn it over and heat the other side, do this with all the ham you intend to put into the sandwich.


While the ham is heating, slice your brie which should be soft at room temp, and a little gooey.


In the dugout side of the bread, place as much or as little (I used heaping Tablespoons) of the Sweet Apple Blush as desired, then place the brie on top and then the ham.


Close your sandwich and enjoy*


* For a spicy flair try this recipe out with the Spiced Pineapple Zinger, or spread the bread with Our Garlic Balsamic Drizzle for succulence.*