T.O Baked Brie

T.O Baked Brie:

You’ll need:

Tortured Orchard flavor of choice


Puff Pastry

Melted Butter (enough to paint the outside of the piece of brie)

Cookie Sheet/ Baking Dish

Serving Platter (optional)



*First, place the butter in a sauce pan or in the microwave to melt, preheat oven to 375 degrees. 

* While the butter melts-Take the puff pastry and lay the delicate sheet down placing the brie ontop as if it were a paper weight and the puff pastry were the paper.

* Simply spread a generous amount of product on the top of the brie

*Wrap the puff pastry around the brie like wrapping a gift, then paint the flakey sheet generously with the melted butter, the puff pastry with the melted butter will begin to mold itself around the piece of brie.

* Place the brie on a sprayed sheet tray/cookie sheet/baking dish in a 375 degree oven, remove when the puff pastry is golden brown. Allow the brie to rest for a few minutes before placing on a serving dish and digging in. كازينو دوت كوم

*At this point the brie will be melted to perfection so when you cut into it the flavors will ooze out into a puddle of goodness, and poof the brie will be gone in no time! طريقة الربح في الروليت


* Friends – Don’t be afraid to improvise with garnishes.Its a lovely touch to sprinkle complimentary herbs, spices, nuts, vegetables or fruit beside or on the brie. bet365 sports For example when we make the Sweet Apple Blush version of this in my house,  we take toasted crushed walnuts and sprinkle them on top of the brie before we wrap up the puff pastry and then garnish the plate with some toasted nut halves.