Lemon Ginger Dream

This dessert hits the spot when the weather turns hot. It’s refreshing and simple; the best combination. 1xbet arabic  

You’ll need: 

1 jar of Tortured Orchard Lemon Ginger Twist  -2-4 oz. depending on how string you want the flavor to be. 

A pint of your favorite vanilla Ice cream / Fat free cool Whip

1 pint of strawberries

graham cracker pie shell

Spatula (or electric mixer/ mixmaster) 


* Combine the pint of vanilla ice cream and the Tortured Orchard Lemon Ginger Twist allow to soften and mix together. You can use the spatula, or an electric mixer. ( set Aside) 

* After washing and drying the berries slice 1/4 in. rings. (so they look like little circles)  and line the bottom of the graham pie shell, then simply pour the lemon ginger combination over the berries. العب اون لاين مجانا  If you choose you can cut more berries and decorate the top the same as you did on the bottom of the shell. 

* Place into the freezer until the mixer sets. Enjoy!