Quick breakfast ideas with Sweet Apple Blush

Quick Breakfast Ideas for Sweet Apple Blush:
These are just some simple recipes that are more assembling techniques rather than recipes. So Delicious, so easy.

Great ideas involving Grain Bread Toast:

Toast topped with:
Simply on toast with or without butter
Sweet Apple Blush and Nutella
Sliced Banana and Sweet Apple Blush
A combination of the two: Nutella w/sliced bananas and Sweet Apple Blush
Melted with cheddar cheese and dolloped with Sweet Apple Blush – a slice of deli ham or turkey would be delicious here too maybe more of a brunch/lunch item your call.

Mix 1 jar into a brick of cream cheese and whip it until its smooth and soft. العاب قمار كازينو Great as a spread for sandwiches or bagels.

In Yogurt:
We eat the nonfat Greek yogurt, but any plain or Vanilla yogurt of your choice should taste just as delicious.

Greek Yogurt with Sweet Apple Blush – you can’t go wrong
Try stirring in with it:
Chopped nuts : walnuts or almonds
Granola – your favorite kind of course

Add it to an Omelet or Crepe (find our recipe)

Works great in pancake batter or just use it as a topper (find our recipe)