Sweet Apple Blush Omelet/Crepe

Many of my favorite recipes have been collaborations among friends, this recipe included. On one cold, unexpected snowed in afternoon this recipe came to fruition. العب بوكر This omelet is decadent, and filling. Perfect for the weather we were having but since, has become a breakfast brunch staple among us. Pairs simply with a Vino Verde (brunch) Hot Chocolate, Or even a Hot Totty! Your choice on the beverage, but this omelet is irresistable.
Note: this recipe could VERY easily be done with a crepe batter as well. العاب كازينو مجاني Many variations

This recipe yields 2 portions: (We cut the omelet in half, each half is a portion)

You’ll  Need:

1 Jar of Tortured Orchards Sweet Apple Blush  – approx. 4-5oz.

4 Eggs (ours egg were jumbo, if you’re using the small eggs feel free to make it six eggs)

Cream Cheese or Goat Cheese (Chevre) 4-5 Tablespoons…cheddar would be great here too

Pure Maple Syrup  1-2 Tablespoons


Nonstick cooking spray

Stove/or hot cooking apparatus this could totally be done over a grill with your pan
A mixing Bowl



12 in Non-stick frying pan (10 in can work too)

* In your mixing bowl carefully crack your eggs and whisk (or use your fork) together with a pinch of salt. If you’re weary about shells you can simply crack the eggs individually into cups and dump them in one at a time.

*On a medium/low light place your pan on the burner and spray the cooking spray, when pan is hot add in your eggs pulling away the eggs with the spatula from the edges of the pan to create this fluffy effect…lower your light and wait about 30 seconds and you will see that the eggs begin to coagulate and stiffen ever so slightly. We don’t want the eggs to brown so if you feel you have to lower the light than do so.

*Once the Eggs look a little stiffer start building your omelet. In the middle of the pan almost as if you had drawn a line across through the center that’s is where the dollops of Sweet Apple Blush will go. So at this time spoon in the desired amount of SAB. On top of that Dollop your desired amount of Goat Cheese or Cream Cheese. العاب على الهاتف

*At this point fold the omelet over the inside contents and shut off the light on the stove and remove eggs from the burner. Give it another minute to sit in the hot pan and hopefully the cheese inside will be melted.

* Plate the omelet  and drizzle the top with the maple syrup and enjoy!

This omelet is delicious alone but when accompanied what an even better treat.
Try it with: Whole Grain Toast, a Baguette, or Croissant.