The Fastest Appetizer

Have you ever been caught having people over last minute and having nothing in your house to eat, and find you’re just too lazy to do anything about it? المراهنات

That’s when our products really can be useful as they are already cooked and this recipe takes no thought and take three ingredients. كيف تربح في لعبة الروليت

You’ll Need:

Tortured Orchard’s Spiced Pineapple Zinger – 1 Jar (substitute your favorite flavor of Tortured Orchard Products)

Cream Cheese – 1 Package room temperature.

Plate for Serving

Crackers of Choice – 1 box

*Plate your Cream Cheese and leave out if not already at room temperature.

* Dump your jar of Zinger over the cream cheese.

* Congratulations you’re done, now go enjoy your Company.

This recipe is also great with Whipped Cream Cheese, or in a microwave safe dish heated and served with Tortilla Chips. كازينو888