Dear Tortured Orchard Recipe Guru (s)

I can’t get enough of your line. My daughter and I purchased one of each at Waylands last Winter Farmers Market At Russells and I wish I had bought ten of each. We are having so much fun with the flavors in your products that dinners have been very easy, because I am sure you know they GO with practically EVERYTHING!!! Last night my daughter made your “Golden Sauce Bruchetta” and it was wonderul. Not too hot, just the right acidity from the little tomatoes, and delicious with the shaved cheese and parsley. We also took your recommendation for the appetizer with the “Garlic Balsamic Pizza Margarita”, but instead of Naan bread we used Whole Wheat Pita Pockets. My sons didn’t save one bit of the Spicey Pineapple for anybody else in the house, they just ate it with Tostitoes, I am planning on using your “Idiot Proof” Salmon recipe some point this week, and my daughter has hidden the apple product for just the two of us. I hope these kind of emails brighten the work day, but surely I cannot be the only person to want to share my enthusiam with you regarding the quality of food you produce.


The West’s

Sudbury, MA 03-15-2012