You were all so lovely to speak with at the Long Island Chocolate Festival. My daughter and I bought the Lemon Ginger Twist and we are loving it. We have taken all your recommendations and have been so satisfied with our dinner, which is why I felt compelled to email you. Last night we made sauted carrots, broccoli, and red onion with the Lemon Ginger and served it beside some steamed chicken. For health reasons my diet has to be very bland. It was just enough of an accident to make the chicken not so boring, as chicken often goes. I am not the best cook, but that Lemon Ginger Twist has made me feel like a super star in the kitchen this week, and also like I am not missing out on something special. Thanks for being there and hope to order again soon!

Rhonda Fields

Minneola, NY 03- 18-2012