About Tortured Orchard

  • Fish Cake topped with Spiced Pineapple Zinger

    Our company was created out of a love of natural ingredients and a devout passion for cooking and endless creativity.

  • Our reductions are about depth of flavor layers, ease of use, and versatility without giving up quality natural ingredients. Being a great host with healthful intensions has never been easier.
  • Our affordable and healthful products are a welcomed addition to any Rustic bread and cheese plate as well as any housewarming, gift baskets, lunch box or dinner table. Eat them alone or added to other ingredients to create new and exiting meals, desserts or snacks.

Tortured Orchard Seasoning Sauces are hand-packed and made in small batches. Each batch is carefully babysat during the reduction process to assure consistency in both taste and appearance.  We are unique for many reasons. We are a company comprised of a carnivore and vegetarian, with a diabetic always in mind. It was our goal to produce a line of condiments that hold extreme versatility because today, it’s clear not everyone in a household shares the same diet. There are many uses for each of our products and are intended for BOTH hot and cold applications. These delicious sauces are designed to be eaten as is, or combined with other ingredients to create new and exciting dishes whether as an appetizer, a main dish or dessert.

Grab a jar, and make new friends.

Make your own rules with Tortured Orchards spirited rebellion of flavors!