About Sandra and Amanda

Eating Healthfully Does Taste Great
Creators Sandra K. Walley and Amanda K. Walley though stemming from different culinary backgrounds have always had the same goal: wanting Tortured Orchard customers to share in a delightful food experience. It’s important people know eating healthfully can taste great. Our line is versatile, gourmet all natural condiments that are user friendly and enjoyable for many different palates and ALL cooking abilities

Sandra K. Walley
Founder of Tortured Orchard

I have always loved to create new and exciting products for the kitchen and friends have merely expanded my arena to include you, the discerning public.

Tortured Orchard came into existance from two generations of vegetarians. Vegetables, legumes, rice and pasta along with fruits played a major role in all our meals. Granny liked to improvise; my mother did not!

That’s when I took over.

From the farmstands to the table I experimented for years on family, and close friends. On any given holiday or occasion everyone would always count something new, tasteful and healthful to be put on vegetables, rice, fish or fowl as well as a variety of cheese, fruit or plain cakes.

Sauces should be versatile. You should be able to use them on more than one food item. Improvise and experiment! Food should be eaten with one’s eyes as well as one’s palate.


Amanda K. Walley
Director Marketing and Sales

Amanda K. Walley is a graduate of Miss Hall’s School in Pittsfield, MA, Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pa. with a B.A. in Communications, and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. She has first-hand knowledge of what good food is and what makes it great, as she grew up with a vegetarian grandmother and entrepreneurial gourmet-cook mother.

After a background of working in sales, she decided to incorporate her love of natural food with sales and marketing.

The neighboring Hudson Valley, of New York State and Berkshire County allowed Amanda early on to acknowledge the joys of handpicking fruits and vegetables, slow-cooking, farm-stand to table freshness using no preservatives or hormones and just plain healthful foods and vegetables.

Tortured Orchard has allowed her to be an educated tester and creative versatile player in the making of these fresh and bold natural seasoning sauces.

Need a new recipe? Check out our suggestions and highlighted home recipes, or contact me directly by email.