Monthly Archives: April 2011

Rachel Mather

”We created a new Panini in our house with your Apple Blush spread. Fresh roasted Turkey Breast, Left over stuffing, and Sweet Apple Blush, melted together with Cheddar Cheese. – the official Thanksgiving in July Panini. It is delicious. If you have not already tried this recipe definitely give it a whirl.”

Sag Harbor, NY 07-24-2010

B. Lentille

”Since having purchased your Pineapple product at the Summer Market at Russells we have been eating it each afternoon as a snack with our lemonade and iced tea. It is delicious, it is refreshing, we are loving it. ”

Natick, MA 07-09-2010

Richard Bliss

”My wife loves to post comments on the internet. I have to say that like many of the other commenters you have, this is my first comment ever written – I hope you feel honored. I like to eat plain things. No sauces, no condiments, no nothing. My wife made for dinner Monday Night Pork Loin stuffed with your Apple Blush product. I was informed that that’s what dinner was, and if I didn’t eat it I could have take out or eggs. Those are my usual “go-to options” when caught in a picky eater predicament. Strapped for options I gave in and I ate what was served. I really really enjoyed myself. I really enjoyed dinner. I really enjoyed the Apple Blush. Because of the positive response to the Apple Blush we have purchased the Garlic Drizzle. I am now looking forward to whatever is served with, mixed in or beside it. Be proud. Good work. You have a convert.”

Liberty, NY 06-03-2010

Oliver and Susanna Cromwell

”We recently were visiting friends at their home in Egremont, and could not find your store. However we did have the pleasure of tasting a few of your products when we visited a local bread bakery. Do you sell anywhere in Darien, CT? You should try the Darien Cheese Shop if you’re not already carried there.”

Darien, CT 05-29-2010

Carlie Freidman

” Do you sell your products in Hoboken, NJ? They would be prefect for this area. I don’t mind buying them online but seriously they would be perfect for dinner parties, school events, soccor snacks etc. We seriously went through no joke, probably a case this winter when we were in The Berkshires skiing this winter. We were addicts. LOVE THEM. Even the ones I didn’t think I would like, I love. So good.”

Hoboken, NJ 05-09-2010

Steven Levinson

“Your recipe for the Garlic Balsamic Wings is awesome. We really had a nice change from regular playoff food. Really great.”

Albany, NY 04-26-2010

Cecil J. Stedman

” Your company is the first company I am ever writing a review for. After tasting your Hot Pineapple Zinger I felt compelled. We tried your products at a friends dinner party. She had whipped it into her cream cheese and had it out as a spread. I instantly thought that it was so delicious that my husband (who has type 2 diabtetes) would not be able to eat it because we watch his sugar, but when we read the back of your jar we couldn’t believe how low in sugar it is. It is so delicious, and we are so thankful that your products are healthful. We have since tried all of your products and have been more than pleased with all of them. Do you have any other products or just the four?”

New York, NY 04-11-2010

Elaine Townsend

” We were visiting our friends in the Berkshires and we went on a little local tour of sorts and came across a bakery that was showcasing your products with their breads. What a perfect pair. We literally stood there and sampled everything that was out for about a half an hour and of course when we left we had each purchased one of each kind of your sauces as well as about four loaves of bread! Your products made our mouths water and we also want to say kudos for providing your recipe suggestion sheet. There were ideas on there that we would never think of, and they were much appreciated.”

Stamford, CT 04-02-2010

Jack and Carolyn Smith

”Happy to see your products have finally arrived in Hudson. They make everything taste better”

Hudson, NY 3/28/2010

Rachel Baumann

” As you probably know we order your products about once a month, and we love them. It’s disappointing to us that we can’t just get them at our Whole Foods. We have asked since you seem to meet all of their criteria, but perhaps it’s because you are not quite local enough? Regardless, we wanted to share a recipe we have been using. We have been dredging Tilapia in your Lemon Ginger Twist, THEN seasoned flour (with salt and pepper) and then lightly frying it. The flavor that your product imparts is sensational. We will continue to order until we get them here. We love them. ”

New York, NY 03-22-2010