Monthly Archives: August 2012

Wonderful to meet you in West Stockbridge. We took home several of your products and made several of the recipes on the website and were very pleased with how everything turned out and tasted. We have recommended these delicious sauces to several of our friends and wish you much success. Our Company devoured the Garlic Balsamic Drizzle Pasta salad except instead of a noodle we used angel hair and it was great and My daughter ate the Apple Blush on Peanut Butter and Ritz in one sitting. Great Stuff, and a lot will be coming back to the city with us.

Samantha Greenberg

West Stockbridge, MA 08-18-2012

I’m so pleased to have met your representative in Ashland this Summer. She is lovely and very knowledgable. She gave my wife and me many recipe ideas for the products that we purchased. We always buy things of this nature and get them home and we use them once, and they live what’s left of their life in the refrigerator until we throw them away because they’ve spoiled. However, these terrific products have shown their true colors and are really as easy to use, and cook with as the girl said. We are having no problems finding what to eat them with because we’re eating them with absolutely everything. I love the Garlic Balsamic Dressing and my wife has already gone through an entire jar of the Apple Apricot in two days. The other night she added the Lemon to some salmon and it was the best it’s tasted in a long time. Just wanted to share with you all. Thank You.

Henry Klein

Ashland, MA 08-02-2012

Your Lemon Ginger Sauce has really added some life back into my chicken and fish dinners. We are really enjoying how you’ve captured the essence of both flavors. We have recommended it to many.

B. Shapiro

New Marlborough, MA 07-24-2012

My kids can’t function without their Sweet Apple Blush and Nutella Sandwiches. Thanks for the great idea, and the easiest breakfast ever.

Leslie Taft

Sudbury, MA 06-22-2012

Bought the Golden Sauce at the sad Amherst market on Wednesday. Disappointed you won’t be back but thank goodness for the internet because I don’t know that our household can go with the Sauce any longer! We need our fix!

Paul Randolf

Amherst, MA 06-18-2012

We made pulled pork with the Golden Sauce. It was outstanding. I have a request to make it again for a little league dinner potluck. SO incredibly easy, and flavorful. I was so thrilled even the pickiest kids (which are mine of course) ate!

Susan Shepard

Great Neck, NY 05-06-2012

We love the products. We are actually using them instead of them sitting in the fridge with the 50 million other condiments we have. Delicious.

Joanne Murdcok

Springfield, MA 04-16-2012

Love the Golden Sauce. I took your recommendation and mixed it into my chili recipe and it was fantastic.

Marcy Polaski

Poughkeepsie, NY 04-12-2012