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The “Garlic Balsamic and Blue Cheese Dip” is really good. We mixed in finely chopped scallions and thin radish slices on top of it. Thanks.

Thomas Nichols

Watertown, MA 03-26-2012

Hello Ladies,

I bought 6 jars of your Garlic Sauce and 6 of your Golden Sauce at the Chocolate Show at the Aviation Museum at the beginning of the month, remember me? I have to tell you, I always go with my gut, and my family and friends have devoured your Sauces. I am down to 2 jars left of each. We’ve been eating them on absolutely everything. Last night my husband used the Garlic slathered all over his Ribeye. My sons have been drinking the Golden Sauce. Love them. I know we will be using them a lot this Summer so I am thrilled we can order from your site.

Lucia Tobin

North Valley Stream, Ny 03-24-2012


You were all so lovely to speak with at the Long Island Chocolate Festival. My daughter and I bought the Lemon Ginger Twist and we are loving it. We have taken all your recommendations and have been so satisfied with our dinner, which is why I felt compelled to email you. Last night we made sauted carrots, broccoli, and red onion with the Lemon Ginger and served it beside some steamed chicken. For health reasons my diet has to be very bland. It was just enough of an accident to make the chicken not so boring, as chicken often goes. I am not the best cook, but that Lemon Ginger Twist has made me feel like a super star in the kitchen this week, and also like I am not missing out on something special. Thanks for being there and hope to order again soon!

Rhonda Fields

Minneola, NY 03- 18-2012

Hello, I bought your Golden bbq sauce the Chocolate Show in Long Island. Man, it’s delicious. I put it on steak, chicken, potatoes, mashed potatoes, shrimp, even on my egg sandwich. I can’t get enough. I thought id make it … Continue reading

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Dear Tortured Orchard Recipe Guru (s)

I can’t get enough of your line. My daughter and I purchased one of each at Waylands last Winter Farmers Market At Russells and I wish I had bought ten of each. We are having so much fun with the flavors in your products that dinners have been very easy, because I am sure you know they GO with practically EVERYTHING!!! Last night my daughter made your “Golden Sauce Bruchetta” and it was wonderul. Not too hot, just the right acidity from the little tomatoes, and delicious with the shaved cheese and parsley. We also took your recommendation for the appetizer with the “Garlic Balsamic Pizza Margarita”, but instead of Naan bread we used Whole Wheat Pita Pockets. My sons didn’t save one bit of the Spicey Pineapple for anybody else in the house, they just ate it with Tostitoes, I am planning on using your “Idiot Proof” Salmon recipe some point this week, and my daughter has hidden the apple product for just the two of us. I hope these kind of emails brighten the work day, but surely I cannot be the only person to want to share my enthusiam with you regarding the quality of food you produce.


The West’s

Sudbury, MA 03-15-2012


I used your Sweet Apple Blush to stuff pork chops. I chopped up finely some toasted walnuts and added them as well. I put an additional tablespoon or two down in my pan with the chops and some water too, to create a looser version of your product. Dinner was delicious and my dinner guests were impressed.

L Randolf

Richmond, MA 02-22-2012

Were visiting the local Co-op in Great Barrington MA and your products name caught my eye. The label is awesome but what you’ve got INSIDE the jar is AMAZING. We bought the Spiced Pineapple and added it to goat cheese and spread it on our bread, then melted it with ham for the best, ooey, gooey ham sandwich. We came home with about 6 jars of your products. It may be something I can never live without again.

Jason Sneider

Williamsburg, NY 02-15-2012

Hello Tortured Orchard,

Two of your products were given to me as a hostess gift a few weeks ago. The other night for dinner I opened up the Lemon Ginger Twist and followed your recipe for “Idiot Proof Lemon Ginger Salmon.” Most definitely “idiot proof” and my KIDS licked their plates. For dessert we sat around the table fighting for the jar of the Sweet Apple to spoon onto our chocolate cake slices but my daughter was spooning it directly into her mouth! I’ve got a post it note to order more soon!

Simone Rescalsey

Short Hills, NJ